All orders have been arranged alphabetically, as well as the families inside these orders.
Anura - Frogs

-Bufonidae - Toads
-Centrolenidae - Glassfrogs
-Craugastoridae - Robber Frogs
-Dendrobatidae - Poison Frogs
-Eleutherodactylidae - Coquis
-Hylidae - Tree Frogs
-Leiopelmatidae - New Zealand Frogs
-Megophryidae - South Asian Frogs
-Myobatrachidae (incl. Rheobatrachidae) - Australian Frogs
-Ranidae (incl. Rhacophoridae) - Frogs

Caudata - Newts; Salamanders

-Ambystomatidae - Mole Salamanders
-Plethodontidae - Lungless Salamanders
-Salamandridae - Salamanders

Gymnophiona - Caecilians

-Caeciliidae - Caecilians
-Rhinatrematidae - Beaked Caecilians