Urania sloanus   (Cramer)

Sloan's Urania
(Urania sloanus)

syn. Cydimon sloanus (Cramer)



local name: -

size: ca. 7,5 cm (wingspan)

extinction date: ca. 1895

Swallowtail moths, especially the species of the genus Urania, are most often quite large, and very brilliantly coloured, day-flying 'moths', which are distributed in the tropics worldwide.


Sloan's Urania was a species, that once occured in the Blue Mountains, a mountainous region in the east of Jamaica, where it was observed for the last time in the years 1894 or 1895.

The reasons for the extinction of this secies are not fully understood, but may be connected with the possible decline of the larval host plants, the Jamaica Navelspurge (Omphalea diandra (L.)) as well as the Jamaican Cobnutspurge (Omphalea triandra (L.)).


Depiction from: 'W. F. Kirby: A handbook to the order Lepidoptera. London, E. Lloyd, limited, 1896-1897'