Partulina dwightii   (Newcomb)

Dwight's Partulina
(Partulina dwightii)

syn. -


Hawai'i Islands: Moloka'i

local name:

Kahuli (Hawaiian)
Pupu kolea uka (Hawaiian)

size: ca. 2 cm (shell height)

extinction date: last seen 1989

Dwight's Partulina comes from the island of Moloka'i, where in the year 1989 only two specimens could be found.

Introduced predatory species like the Rosy Wolf Snail (Euglandia rosea (Férussac)), the Blue Garlic Snail (Oxychilus alliarius (Miller)), and several Rat species (Rattus spp.) are made responsible for the disappearance of this, and countless other endemic snail species.


Dwight's Partulina (Partulina dwightii)

Depiction from: 'G. W. Tryon; H. A. Pilsbry: Manual of Conchology. Second series: Pulmonata, Vol. 23, 1915-1916'