Epioblasma obliquata   (Rafinesque)

White Catspaw
(Epioblasma obliquata ssp. perobliqua (Conrad))

syn. -


USA: Illinois; Allen County, De Kalb County, Kosciusko County, Warren County / Indiana; Kentucky; Macomb County, Monroe County, Wayne County / Michigan; Putnam County, Williams County / Ohio

local name:

White Catspaw (English)

size: (?)

extinction date: last seen in 1990 (?)

This species is officially considered threatened with extinction, but is in fact most probably already extinct.

The last known population is said to occur in the Fish Creek, a tributary of the St. Joseph River, in an area that stretches from Indiana into the Williams County in Ohio. This population is, however, obviously untraceable since 1990.


The nominate race of the species is obviously also far from being common - only three populations are known, whose sizes are consistently decreasing.