Epioblasma arcaeformis   (Lea)

Arc-Form Pearly Mussel; Sugarspoon
(Epioblasma arcaeformis)

syn. Dysnomia arcaeformis (Lea), Margarita arcaeformis (Lea), Plagiola arcaeformis (Lea), Truncilla arcaeformis (Lea), Unio arcaeformis (Lea), Unio nexus (Say)


USA: Alabama; Livingston County, Lyon County, Pulaski County, Todd County / Kentucky; Tennessee; Virginia

local name:

Sugarspoon (English)

size: (?)

extinction date: ca. 1940 (?)

This species occurred in the larger rivers of the Cumberland and the Tennessee River systems, which stretch over four US-American states. These river systems, on the one hand, were built out for ship traffic, and, on the other hand, were dammed up in parts.

Hence the species' habitat became destroyed.


Arc-Form Pearly Mussel (Epioblasma arcaeformis)

Depiction from: 'T. A. Conrad: Monography of the family Unionidae; or Naiades of Lamarck (freshwater bivalve shells) of North America. Philadelphia, J. Dobson, 1836'