Anodonta dejecta   (Lewis)

Woebegone Floater
(Anodonta dejecta)

syn. Anodonta mearnsiana (Simpson)


: Arizona (?); California

local name: -

size: (?)

extinction date: nach 1922 (?)

This species was described from subfossil shells, which were found in the sediments of the Lake Cahuilla, a giant freshwater lake, which once stretched from California into Mexico, and which does not exist anymore (parts of the former lake area are now occupied by the accidentally created and much smaller Salton Sea, a saline lake).

Later, most recently in 1922, some live mussels were found in Arizona, which were referred to this species - this assignment is, however, still not fully undisputed, because some authors assign the specimens from Arizona to another species, the Californian Floater (Anodonta californiensis (Lea)).


Woebegone Floater (Anodonta dejecta)

Photo from: 'Harold Hannibal: The Aquatic Molluscs of Southern California and Adjecent Regions, A Trasition Fauna. Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences. 11(1): 18-46. 1912'