Anas strepera   (L.)

Coues' Gadwall
(Anas strepera couesi (Streets))

syn. Chaulelasmus couesi (Streets)


Kiribati: Teraina / Line Islands

local name: -

size: 46 - 55 cm (length)

extinction date: sometimes after 1874

The actual Gadwall (Anas strepera (L.)) is a quite scarce winter visitor to the Hawaiian Islands, and to the Line Islands, where in the course of time obviously even a distinct population - named Coues' Gadwall - has evolved, at least on the island of Teraina.

This duck form is known from just two specimens, a male and a female, which both were shot in the year 1874 on the former lagoon of Teraina, which now is a freshwater lake.

Coues' Gadwall probably also occurred on other islands of the archipelago, but unfortunately there is no evidence therefor.


Coues' Gadwall (Anas strepera couesi); bird on the right

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