Anas sp. 'Īle Saint Paul'

Saint Paul Island Duck
(Anas sp.)

syn. -


French Southern and Antarctic Lands: Īle Saint Paul

local name: -

size: (?)

extinction date: sometimes in the 18th century (?)

The Īle Saint Paul is an only 7 km² large, subantarctic island of volcanic origin, lying in the southern Indian Ocean.

Today this uninhabited island harbours large nesting colonies of numerous seabird species.


All that is known about the former existence of a duck species on the Īle Saint Paul sourced from the accounting records of Sir John Barrow, who was a member of a diplomatic mission of Lord Macartney, the English ambassador at that time, that stayed at the island during a stopover in the year 1793.

He reported of small, brown ducks, not much larger than a blackbird, that were the preferred food of the handful of sealers living temporarily on the island.