Anas marecula   (Olson & Jouventin)

Amsterdam Island Duck
(Anas marecula)

syn. -


French Southern and Antarctic Lands: Île Amsterdam

local name: -

size: (?)

extinction date: sometimes in the 18th century (?)

This small, flightless duck has been described in the year 1996 on the basis of bones that were found on the Île Amsterdam in the southern Indian Ocean.

The Amsterdam Island Duck was probably adapted to a terrestrial lifestyle and lived perhaps mostly in the island's interior, bones were found almost everywhere on the island. Their diet constisted mainly invertebrates.


In the year 1960 a small mumified rail was found on the Île Amsterdam as well, but during extrication the specimen disintegrated into dust.


- Storrs L. Olson; Pierre Jouventin: A new species of small flightless duck from Amsterdam Island, southern Indian Ocean (Anatidae: Anas). Condor 98: 1–9. 1996