Anas gibberifrons   (S. Müller)

Rennell Island Teal
(Anas gibberifrons remissa (Ripley))

syn. -


Solomon Islands: Rennell

local name:

Ghamanaghi mai Hatuhoa (?) (Rennell-Bellona)

size: 37 - 47 cm (length)

extinction date: at around 1959

This duck could apparently be found only on Rennell where it lived on the sole stretch of water, Lake Te Nggano.

It disappeared after the introduction of the Mozambique Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters)) as a food recource for the local people. For this is a quite large and predatory fish, especially the ducklings were an easy prey for it.

Exceedingly tragical in this case is the fact that the locals did not really like to eat the fish.


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