Amastra albolabris   (Newcomb)

White-lipped Hawaii Snail
(Amastra albolabris)

syn. -


Hawai'i Islands: O'ahu

local name: -

size: ca. 1,5 cm (shell height)

extinction date: (?)

The family of the Hawaii Snails (Amastridae) can be found, as the vernacular name implies, exclusively on the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago and contains mainly terrestrial species.

The genus Amastra, which gave its name to the family, comprises more than 145 species, which occur on all of the main islands.


The White-lipped Hawaii Snail was scientifically described in the year 1854, it comes from the Wai'anae Mountains in the west of the island of O'ahu, and is now considered extinct.


White-lipped Hawaii Snail (Amastra albolabris)

Depiction from: 'Alpheus Hyatt; Henry Augustus Pilsbry (Leptachatina by C. Montague Cooke): Manual of Conchology. Second series: Pulmonata. Vol 21: Achatinellidae (Amastrinae). 1911'