Achatinella cestus   (Newcomb)

Belted Oahu Tree-Snail
(Achatinella cestus)

syn. Achatinella apexfulva cestus (Newcomb)


Hawai'i Islands: O'ahu

local name:

Kahuli (Hawaiian)
Pupu kani oe (Hawaiian)
Pupu kuahiwi (Hawaiian)

size: ca. 2 cm (shell height)

extinction date: last seen 1966

The Belted Oahu Tree-Snail is occasionally considered as a subspecies of the Dusky-Apex Oahu Tree-Snail (Achatinella apexfulva (Dixon)).

The species was distributed exclusively in the Ko'olau Mountains in the east of the island of O'ahu, where it was found in several valleys, among them the Niu, the Palolo, and the Wailupe Valley.


Belted Oahu Tree-Snail (Achatinella cestus)

Photo from: 'G. W. Tryon; H. A. Pilsbry: Manual of Conchology. Second series: Pulmonata, Vol. 22, 1912-1914'