Achatinella casta   (Newcomb)

Pure Oahu Tree-Snail
(Achatinella casta)

syn. -


Hawai'i Islands: O'ahu

local name:

Kahuli (Hawaiian)
Pupu kani oe (Hawaiian)
Pupu kuahiwi (Hawaiian)

size: ca. 2 cm (shell heigthe)

extinction date: (?)

The Pure Oahu Tree-Snail was once found in the 'Ewa region in the south of the island of O'ahu.

The species was formerly split into two subspecies, Achatinella casta ssp. casta (Newcomb) as well as Achatinella casta ssp. margaretae (Pilsbry & Cooke) which both are not accepted any longer.


Pure Oahu Tree-Snail (Achatinella casta)

Photo from: 'G. W. Tryon; H. A. Pilsbry: Manual of Conchology. Second series: Pulmonata, Vol. 22, 1912-1914'